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Lara Abdallah
19 January 2010 @ 01:41 pm
What is the worst movie you've ever seen? Did you sit through it or walk out? What made it so dreadful?

Updating my answers I hated:

Confessions of a shopholic
New  in town
Napoleon Dynamite
The black cauldron
Alex and Emma
Kung Pow Panda

That is all for now I think though.
Lara Abdallah
18 December 2009 @ 08:58 pm
It's often said that the simple things in life are the most precious. What small pleasures make you the happiest?
Having Capri sun in the fridge.
Lara Abdallah
11 April 2009 @ 10:15 am
List ten celebrity crushes and then answer the questions under the cut.

1. Justin Timberlake
2. Jai Rodriguez
3. Will Smith
4. Justin Long
5. Ashton Kutcher
6. Matt Damon
7. Shane West
8. Paul Rudd
9. James Mcavoy
10.Barry Watson

So what do you like most about 2?
hes sweet,compassionate,inspirational,Talented and people who meet him always seem to like him and that says a lot about him in my opinion

If you could do anything with 4, what would it be?
Hang out and chill he seems like a cool person

Who would you choose between 5 and 7?
Ashton Kutcher

Out of a ten, how much would you rate 1?
A 13

What do you find most attractive about 1?
His creativity,his smile,laugh just his whole personality

If you could go out with 3, what type of date would you go on?
haha i dont like Jada would be happy about that so nothing lol

If 8 was a type of season, which season would it be?
Summer cause he seems like a laid back guy and thats what i think about when I think summer and hot haha

Why is 10 not higher up your list?
Cause someone has to be last

So what does 10 have to do to be brought higher up?
Nothing i adore him

What would the ideal situation be for you for 2 and 4?
Jai and Justin long would prob have fun hanging out they both seem like fun people

Which two people would you want to be stuck with on a desert island?
oh my lol Justin Timberlake and Jai they can both sing to me lol

Marry, shag or kiss - 4, 6, 8?
Shag-Justin Long Kiss-Paul Rudd and Marry-Matt Damon

What do you hate most about 7?
that he hasnt been in enough since A walk to remember

Have you ever thought how you'll react when you meet 3?
lose my effing mind lol

Have you seen 1 and 2 together on TV before?
No but they were at the same award show once but they werent seen on TV together

Have you ever dreamt about 6?

Who would you take to a prom/ball with you?
Justin Timberlake I didnt say Jai only cuz hes gay and it prob wouldnt go anywhere lol

Cuddle, glomp, or kiss 1, 3, 5?
Kiss-Justin timberlake cuddle-Will smith(even though hes married lol) and Glomp Ashton cause hes the only one left haha

If you could give anything to 10, what would it be?
A hug cause hes so cute and sweet

Out of all of them - who would you:
Kick? um...Ashton cuz he tweets too much sometimes
Kiss? Justin Timberlake
Pinch cheek?Will Smith
Run away with? Justin Timberlake lol
Act like an idiot with? Paul Rudd
Cry on? Jai Rodriguez cuz id be emotioal meeting him lol
Take to see your parents? Barry Watson cause my family used to watch 7th heaven
Cross dress with? JAI!! that was such an easy answer
Swap lives with for a day? Jai cause i want to know what he gets into
Lara Abdallah
27 February 2009 @ 03:52 pm

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

These are all obvious but

1.Justin Timberlake was my first real celebrity crush and he continues to be a favorite of mine he just seems so nice and genuine but also talented and really really cute :)


2. Queer eye is one of my favorite shows of all time and I miss seeing them together all the time
they were sweet,funny,caring and had great chemistry that made me want to see more I really miss seeing
nice people on TV and I <3 them.

3.Jai  Rodriguez is my favorite fab fiver he is sweet,funny,talented,caring,friendly,a great listener,cute and has a huge heart I just think hes a great person :)

4.I love cats because my cats are my world(stole from Lindsay)


I love this show so much I can find a FRIEND reference in everyday situations and it never fails to make me feel good and laugh it is one the best shows ever.

CHEATING I know it says 5 but I can't leave it like this:

6.HAD to add them or I would feel bad they were my whole life and still are I wish that they would come back they brought SO much joy to me and there fans I have yet to find a band that I love as much as them they had great vocals,dance moves and friendships with each other they gave inspiration to a lot of people. thanks to Chris Kirkpatrick for putting the group together :)

Lara Abdallah
09 February 2009 @ 10:18 pm
Do you consider yourself an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist?
I am mostly an Optimist but I can also be a Realist depends on the situation at the time.
Lara Abdallah
03 January 2009 @ 03:46 pm
Using one word for each letter of the alphabet, make a list of the words you most associate with yourself or that you feel best describe you.
C:Crazy(In a good way)
E:Easy Going
G:Good hearted
K:Kid at heart
L:laid back
M:Mind of my own
N:Nobody else
O:Open Minded
V:Very loyal
Y:Young at heart
Z:Zest for life

Lara Abdallah
30 October 2008 @ 10:59 pm
I HATE taking care of my siblings in fact I HATE being around them for more than 5 minutes at a time they make me really hate kids and it seems like I am always the one having to take care of them I didn't ask to have them I don't want them around half the time anyways and I know that makes me sound bad but I don't care I really wish that someone would hire me so I could get out of here for a few hours every day I need a break and on top of that I have two cats who do not allow me to sleep and I am exhausted right now and my siblings will not sleep,my mom and step dad are out right now and i want them to hurry the Hell up already I do not say that word usually and when I do that means that I am really ticked off.

I need a vacation I can't stand this house anymore
Lara Abdallah
24 October 2008 @ 01:33 pm
Imagine a world without Star Trek. Is it a world you'd be very happy to live in, or a dark and terrible place?
I could care less about Star Trek really.
Lara Abdallah
15 October 2008 @ 08:07 pm
Some people find Eeyore’s gloomy outlook charming. Others prefer the bouncy enthusiasm of Tigger. Who would you rather be trapped in an elevator with: Eeyore or Tigger?
I love them both but my favorite has always been Tigger.
Lara Abdallah
15 October 2008 @ 06:42 pm
I Love Lucy premiered today in 1951, and has been on the air ever since. Although Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s marriage didn’t last off the air, Lucy and Ricky are one of the great couples in television history. Who is your favorite TV couple?
I love Ross and Rachel,Lucy and Ricky(I love lucy),Sookie and Jackson from Gilmore girls,Luke and Lorelai,Corey and Topanga(Boy meets world),Zack and Kelly(Saved by the bell), DJ and Steve(Full house),Harvey and Sabrina(Sabrina the teenage witch),Becky and Jesse(Full House),Heathcliff and Claire(The Cosby show),Tim and Jill(Home Improvement),Al and Trudy(Home Improvement),Kirk and Lulu(Gilmore girls),TJ and Liz(Gilmore girls),Chandler and Monica(Friends), Shawn and Angela(Boy meets world), Van and Cheyenne(Reba) Donna and Eric(That 70's show), Gordo and Lizzie(Lizzie Mcguire),Lucy and Kevin(7th Heaven),Mary and Robbie(7th Heaven),Matt and Sarah(7th heaven),Ruthie and Peter(7th heaven),Simon and Deena(7th heaven),Eric and Annie(7th heaven),Amy and Ephram(Everwood),Bright and Hannah(Everwood), Carrie and Doug(The King of Queens), Dionne and Murray(Clueless),Mike and Carol(The Brady Bunch),BJ and Peg(MASH) even though you never see them together but I just love how he talks about her you can tell how much he loves her,Col Potter and Mildred(MASH) again you never see them together but you can tell how much he loves her), Frank and Margaret(MASH),Dharma and Greg, Pacey and Andee(Dawson's creek),Eddie and Joy(Til death),Rory and Dean(Gilmore Girls), Emily and Richard(Gilmore girls),Felicity and Noel(Felicity) and Megan and Sean(Felicity)

From a reality show I love:

Thom Filicia and Jai Rodriguez from Queer eye
But I also Like Jai and Kyan.
As well as Kyan and Carson.